Oxygen Measurements Qxyview System

The Oxyview 1 liquid-phase oxygen electrode teaching system has been designed in response to the ever-increasing demand for a low-cost system for teaching photosynthesis and respiration measurements using oxygen electrode techniques. The system is designed to be used in a busy teaching environment but is equally at home in a modern research facility.

  • Convenient, low cost system for teaching of photosynthesis research & cellular respiration measurements using the oxygen electrode
  • Clear cast acrylic DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber with integral Clark-type polarographic oxygen electrode
  • Oxyview electrode control unit with integral magnetic stirrer
  • Oxygen content of sample displayed as digital or percentage value
  • User-friendly configuration via a responsive 4-button control panel & a series of comprehensive menu screens
  • Analogue output for connection to a chart recorder or other external recording device
  • Minimal footprint (90mm x 135mm) allowing multiple units where bench space is limited
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