Z985 Cuvette AquaPen

Z985 Cuvette AquaPen is a version of the Z980 AquaPen chlorophyll fluorometer. It has blue and red measuring lights that enable chlorophyll fluorescence measurements of photosynthetic parameters both in algal and cyanobacterial suspensions in a cuvette. Due to its ultra-high sensitivity – up to 0.5 μg Chl/L, the Cuvette AquaPen can make measurements in natural water samples containing low concentrations of phytoplankton.

The Z985 Cuvette AquaPen includes the chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics protocols for measurements of OJIP, NPQ, and Light Curve responses of QY.  In addition, optical density (OD) at 680nm and 720nm can also be measured. The unit has both data transfer options via Bluetooth and USB communication technology. With a built-in GPS module and a rechargeable Li-ion battery, it is ideal for use in the field. The AquaPen comes with PC software for data transfer and visualization. A Probe version of the AquaPen (Z980) allows the same measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence in suspension by directly placing the probe in the suspension medium.