Chlorophil Flourescence, Pocket Pea

The Pocket PEA chlorophyll fluorimeter is suitable for teaching, research and a wide variety of commercial applications. The robust yet compact hand-held design provides ease of use and reliable operation. Samples are conveniently dark adapted prior to measurement using the leafclips supplied. The rapid 1-second measurement capability and 200 measurement memory capacity make the Pocket PEA an invaluable tool in large-scale plant screening programs.

  • Ultra-portable chlorophyll fluorescence measurement system
  • Rapid screening capability with single-button operation
  • On-board storage of up to 200 full data sets
  • Automatic calculation of parameters including Fv/Fm & OJIP analysis
  • Robust enclosure with sealed, high-intensity optics
  • 100kHz sampling frequency with 16-bit resolution
  • Bluetooth® wireless data transfer as standard
  • Powerful Windows® data transfer & analysis software included
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