Multi-function Animal Anesthesia Solutions

The experimental system is equipped with a gas recovery system to provide a safe experimental environment to maximize the protection of the operator; by replacing different types of anesthesia machines and masks to meet the needs of animal experiments, such as cerebral ischemia and myocardial ischemia model, osteoporosis model, tail vein injection, abdominal aorta blood sampling, heart blood sampling, ventricular injection, tissue / organ removal and other animal surgery experiments.

Features :

  • Anesthesia stable and safe,suitable for animal experiments with low metabolic rate.
  • Quick and smooth induction and recovery, controllable anesthetic depth.
  • Minimal physiological disruptions on the animals.
  • High efficiency gas evacuation system preventing the researchers from exposure to anesthesia gas


Spesification :

  • High accuracy vaporizer (Each one has an independent test report)
  • Fast oxygenation switch, oxygenation speed up to 10L/min
  • Toggle switch, fast switching gas path, life expectancy is more than 100,000 times
  • Air or oxygen can be selected as the gas source
  • 0-4L/min oxygen flow meter, additional flowmeter mounting holes on the side, expandable dual air supply
  • Mask could be used in special MR Environment
  • High-quality activated carbon, effectively absorbs anesthesia medical..