Circulating Bath

PolyScience Circulating Baths are as precise as they are reliable. Every product comes equipped with innovative proprietary features, from the quiet, energy-efficient heat removal of our WhisperCool™ Environmental Control System to the fast-acting temperature control of Cool Command™ Technology. Our Circulating Baths are easy to use, offering interface controller flexibility, clear navigational buttons and menu prompts, ergonomic design for easy repositioning and simple fluid connections. These hard-working machines were designed to make your life easier and more productive.


  • Reservoir sizes ranging from 6 to 75 liters
  • Refrigerated and Heated, Heated and Open Bath models, and Immersion Circulators
  • Four types of digital temperature controllers, from the essentials to fully programmable
  • Intuitive setup and operation, featuring either multi-language help or screen prompts (depending on model)
  • Washable air filter ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency
  • LidDock™ stowing system offers convenient space to perch while adding liquid or working with samples
  • Safety features include over-temperature protection, high and low temperature limits and alarms for abnormal conditions