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71000 - Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

The 71000 is a new automated intelligent (by computer control) stereotaxic apparatus. Its high accuracy (1μm) ensures the accurate position. Researchers can valuable observe the position of the probe relative to the brain area with atlas integrated. Built-in software with three automated procedures (skull window, tissue removal, and multi-point programs), it is convenient and efficient, easy to operate, and can greatly reduce errors and damage caused by the human operation. In addition, the motional collision prompt function prevents animal damage caused by mis-movement, which is safer.

Digital Operating Microscope DOM-1001

DOM-1001 is a 16 Million Pixels high-end integrated digital microscope, and enables real-time record, collect, and share high-definition 4K images and videos(1080P).  Multiple people can view samples simultaneously, supporting the whole process of taking pictures and videos. it is widely applied in Life science: dental, animal surgery, tumor, morphological observation, embryologic histology, education, Industry & Manufacturing: electronics& semiconductor, metals, medical, new energy, etc. Benefits to customers: Perfect quality of use and image Compatible with stereotaxic frame High stability, easy to use and move

Stereotaxic Animal Anesthesia Solutions

This solution is specially used for neuroscience research. Unique stereotaxic frame nosecone masks are designed to combine anesthesia system and stereotaxic location system, which makes brain-related procedures or research more successful and have much better outcomes, for example, development of animal neurological diseases models (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, cerebral and spinal cord injury etc.), drug injection to brain, cannula implantation for long-term drug administration, nervous stimulation, physiological signal record, microdialysis probe implantation and so on. Similarly, any leaks around animal’s nose can be captured by the scavenging system to protect research subjects from being exposed

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