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Swift® M3-F Forensic Comparison Microscope

The M3-F forensic microscope with trinocular head offers professional features at a highly competitive price. Use the scope’s revolutionary technology to compare images in both micro and macro environments. Swift’s powerful optical system allows images to be viewed at either 100% from the left microscope, 100% from the right, side-by-side, or overlapping. The M3-F is probably the first and only comparison microscope at this price level that can achieve this overlapping of images.

Unique design

  • 4x, 10x, 40xRD micro and 1x macro objectives
  • Tripod legs for sturdy footing
  • Multiple stage positions allow micro and macro viewing
  • Gliding stage plate with 1-touch stage clips
  • Ergonomic carry handles to promote proper handling

Led illumination

  • Top and bottom LED illumination provides energy-efficient white light with virtually no heat
  • Extra-bright LED lasts up to 50,000 hr between replacements resulting in minimum maintenance and downtime


  • Quality manufacturing and all-metal internal parts ensure durability and minimal down time


Labquest 3

Key Features :
  • Full-featured data-collection platform
  • Compatible with all Vernier sensors
  • Large, high-resolution color screen
  • Touch navigation utilizing gestures
  • Fast data collection with 100,000 samples per second
  • Rechargeable, high-capacity battery
  • Built-in GPS and microphone
  • Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Built-in apps include Calculator, Periodic Table, Sound Recorder, Stopwatch, and more
  • Student instructions for over 75 of our most popular experiments included

Wind Energy Explorations Go Direct® Package

Include : Go Direct® Energy Sensor Vernier Resistor Board KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit

Labomed® CxL Cordless Trinocular Microscope

This CxL microscope features quality optical and mechanical components for a lifetime of carefree use. Its new LED illumination system provides cool light, allowing you to view living specimens for longer periods without damaging them. Internal rechargeable batteries enable cordless operation. The trinocular head allows you to connect digital microscopy cameras, such as Moticams, for imaging using the optional C-Mount Adapter. Features :
  • Semi-plan achromatic optical system designed to provide true color and contrast
  • 45° inclined, 360° rotatable trinocular head, IPD range from 54 to 74 mm
  • Quadruple nosepiece with rubber grip
  • LP series DIN** semi-plan achromatic objectives with antifungal coating
  • Rectangular mechanical stage (135 x 124 mm) with low-drive movement controls for scanning at higher magnification; X/Y travel range, 76 x 50 mm
  • 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with aspheric lens, iris diaphragm, and snap-in blue filter
  • Coaxial coarse- and fine-focusing controls on ball drive system for smooth operation
  • Long-lasting LED bulb (up to 50,000 hr)
  • Universal power supply for line voltages from 100- to 240-V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for cordless operation
  • Size, 15″ H x 9″ W x 10″ D; wt, 10 lb

Rodent Manual NIBP System

The manual Rodent Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System, uses the tail cuff method to measure Blood pressure in rodents.  This is similar to to way blood pressure is measured in humans.  Instead of using a human arm we will be using the tail of the rodent. The cuff and sensor assembly is placed over the tail of the rodent close to the base.  The pulse is monitored.  The cuff is inflated manually until the pulse signal is blocked.  The cuff pressure is slowly reduced.  and the pulse signal monitored as the cuff pressure  reduces.

Paket Sensor dan Data Logger Kimia Tingkat Lanjut

What’s Included:
  • LabQuest 3 Stainless
  • Steel Temperature Probe
  • Go Direct® pH Sensor
  • Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Voltage Probe
  • Go Direct® Conductivity Probe
  • Drop Counter
  • Constant Current System
  • ORP Sensor
  • Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer

Physiology Go Direct® Standard Package

Include: Go Direct® EKG Sensor Go Direct® Blood Pressure Sensor Go Wireless® Heart Rate Go Direct® Surface Temperature Sensor Go Direct® Hand Dynamometer Go Direct® Spirometer Go Direct® Respiration Belt Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor BioChamber 250 Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor Reflex Hammer Accessory Kit

Celestron® Digital Microscope Viewer

The Celestron® Digital Microscope Viewer is the perfect imaging tool for teachers, students, medical lab technicians, hobbyists, and more. The viewer uses your PC to turn your traditional microscope into a high-resolution digital imager. The 2.0-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor records still images and video of your specimens. The viewer replaces your eyepiece and connects directly to your PC to stream specimen images. Compatible with almost any microscope. Features :
  • Compatible with any traditional microscope with 23- to 30-mm-diameter eyepiece tubes
  • Compatible with Windows® XP and above or Macintosh® OS 10.4.9 and above
  • 2.0-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor, 10x in lieu of eyepiece
  • 2.0 USB cable attached
  • 30 FPS continuous video
  • Includes adjustable collar with step for 30-mm-diameter eyepiece
  • Includes Digital Microscope Suite 2.0 software for Windows®
  • Celestron® 2-year limited warranty
  • Size, 2-1/2″ L x 9/10″ diam; wt, 1-1/2 oz

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