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Mouse IVC Cage Optimice®

Highest Mouse IVC Cage Density in the Industry

The Optimice IVC rack system is based on our patented direct exhaust ventilation technology, free from motors, noise, and vibration. This original technology creates a low-stress, non-variable environment, ideal for housing and breeding research mice and delicate strains. Our carousel design features an exceptionally small footprint and ultra-high rodent cage density, the highest in the industry.

Animals are fully protected in Optimice cages, and odors and allergens are contained. This most unique mouse rack is trusted by scientists, veterinarians, managers, and technicians worldwide for its proven ability to optimize research while protecting caretakers and providing an ideal microenvironment for the mice.

  • Small footprint
  • Fits through standard 36-inch (91 cm) door with cages removed
  • Simple and lightweight, full rack with cages weighs only 558 lbs (253 kg)
  • Ultra-high density
  • No motors, blowers, noise, or vibration
  • Eliminates odors and allergens in the animal room
  • Variable-free environment
  • Complete bio-containment and isolation
  • Low-velocity, one-pass airflow with total volume air changes
  • Lightweight, easy and low cost to maintain
  • Fast and easy cage filter replacement
  • Available single-use caging, interchangeable in Optimice® racks
  • Optional automatic watering options
Included Caging
Includes 100 mouse cage assemblies with filters, feeders, cage card holders, cage cards, and water bottles (if so configured), available in polysulfone or polycarbonate
Rack Dimensions with Cages and Card Holders
40.5” (103 cm) L x 40.5” (103 cm) W x 76.9” (195.3 cm) H (auto-water height: 78.0″ (198.1 cm))
Rack Dimensions with Cages
39.8” (101 cm) L x 39.8” (101 cm) W x 76.5” (194.3 cm) H (auto-water height: 78.0″ (198.1 cm))
Rack Only Dimensions
39.8” (101 cm) L x 33.8” (85.6 cm) W x 76.5” (194.3 cm) H (auto-water height: 78.0″ (198.1 cm))
Airflow Requirements per Rack
45 cubic feet per minute (21.2 liters per second) minimum; 60 cubic feet per minute (28.3 liters per second) recommended
Rack Weight
613 lbs (278 kg) with cages; 659 lbs (299 kg) with auto-water
Rack Casters
Four 4-inch swivel casters; two locking, two non-locking
Cage Outside Dimensions
13.5” (34.3 cm) L x 11.5” (29.2 cm) W (front) x 6.1” (15.5 cm) H
Cage Floor Area
75 square inches (484 square centimeters)
Cage Capacity
(5) 25g mice
Cage Material
Polysulfone or polycarbonate
Cage Feeder
Polished stainless steel wire, 17 oz (502 mL) capacity
Cage Water Bottle
13.5 oz (400 mL)
Cage Enrichment
Raised shelves at front and rear of cage


Laryngoscopes for Animal

Suitable for laryngeal examination and tracheal intubation of large and medium animals.

Rotarod Test Rats and Mice

The IITC Rotarod Test is used to assess the effect of drugs on the motor coordination or fatigue resistance on mice and rats using one unit in a safe and humane way.

Stand Alone Zebra Fish Housing System

  • Able to undertake quarantine, breeding and reproducing.
  • Equipped with well-prepared and stand-alone circulation & filtration system.
  • Rack material: stainless steel #316.
  • All filters can be changed without turning off the system.
  • An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank.
  • Water changing rate: 5-10 times / hour.
  • Optional devices: pH meter, illumination, DO ( dissolved oxygen ) meter, conductivity meter.
  • Custom-made system is available.

Cage-Level Filter Testing

Cage-level filter testing is a valuable tool to include in your health-monitoring program.

Anesthesia Induction Chambers

Anesthesia induction chambers are applied to inhalation anesthesia. For rapid induction of anesthesia before animal surgery, takes only 2-5 minutes; Animal status can be observed in real time during anesthesia

Bench Top Zebra Fish Housing System

Suitable to be used in a cramped space. The optimal choice for quarantine, segregation and small quantity of breeding. Equipped with well-prepared and stand-alone circulation & filtration system. Can be placed on desktop or bench top. Optional side-mounted filtration system. An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank. Custom-made system is available..

CryoTrans Series, LN2 storage Container

CryoTrans series Liquid nitrogen storage Container is designed for storage and short-distance transportation of small amount of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with rubber protection rings and prefixed bottom pad for safety. Stainless steel roller base is optional for convenient transportation. CryoTrans series is widely used in animal husbandry and laboratories.

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