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IVF Controlled Rate Freezer

Planer programmable controlled rate freezers are the IVF labs choice. An IVF Lab standard that provides precise, accurate and reliable controlled rate freezing for semen, embryos / oocytes in straws and cryotubes. With the new MRV controller.

The freezing chamber can be installed to provide freezing in vertical or horizontal mode according to the lab choice.Constant and precise monitoring of both sample and chamber temperature using the latest 4 wire PRT technology

Programmable hold temperature and time for manual seeding. Autoseeder option available. Closely controlled cooling from 0.01 to -50°C/min and heating rate from 0.01 to 10°C/min

Up to 10 individual programmes – each may consist of up to 32 steps, store and edit easily. With built in thermal printer, external printer or connect to computer facility

Connect to pressurized LN cylinder, or use LNP4 pump and connect to 32 or 50 litres dewars.


CHART Cryogenic Storage System Chart MVE -190 Deg C Vapour Phase Cryogenic Systems

Guarantee -190°C under the lid temperature in vapour phase storage. Designed for user who need low temperature vapour storage, easy maintenance and low liquid nitrogen consumption.

VOC Meter

Since 1998 (J Hall et al, Human Reproduction) it is accepted that IVF laboratories are at risk of environmental contamination from harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Exclusively from Research Instruments comes the RI VOC Meter for detection of VOCs at very low levels. It can be surprising where VOCs are found. In field tests we have found VOCs present in laboratories, incubators, incubator gas tubing and lab cabinets. We have also found VOCs present in laboratories where VOC removing filtration was in use.

CO2 Incubator Heracell CO2 Incubator

Single chamber, stainless steel interior and shelf system TCD CO2 sensor, air jacketed heating system, large digital display, access port with sealing gasket. and ContraCon Disinfection at 90oC. Temperature control from ambient + 3oC to 55oC and CO2 control from 0 – 20% O2 option available. Contact us for details.

IVF Workstations

Specifically designed for aseptic handling of oocytes and embryos to minimize microbial contamination. New built-in liquid based heating system with a max variation of ±0.2ºC of the heated area. Virtually silent work environment with a noise level of 52 dBA. Control panel is integrated into the front of table plate. Integrated light base of 1200 lux. Built-in stereomicroscope fitting, transmitted light source, heated plate by electrical heating or water circulation heating. Many other workstations and options available. Contact us for more details.

CHART MVE Cryosystem Series Aluminum Cryogenic Dewars

The MVE CryoSystem 2000, 4000 and 6000 combine the benefits of low nitrogen consumption with mid-range vial capacity to meet the versatile needs of today’s professionals worldwide. The lightweight and low space demands of these containers make them the most economical units in their class. Storage capacity of 2000, 4000 and 6000 nod of internal threaded 1.8/2.0ml cryotubes respectively, stored in square boxes in square racks.

Air Purifier Coda Aero Air Purifier

Coda® Aero is air purifier with the Coda® filters that reduced particulates, harmful volatile organic compunds (VOCs) and chemical airborne contaminants (CACs). 270° design allows the Coda® Aero to be placed anywhere in the room. The variable speed fan can be adjusted to the lab room size and air flow. Specially designed HEPA filter removes 99.97% of contaminants and activated carbon together with alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate for optimum absorption and oxidation of a wide variety of gases and particulate contaminants. Supplied with an initial filter that must be changed after three months.

Portable Cryogenic Dewars

  • Toggle clamp secure the lid to the body for safe and water tight transportation.
  • SS111,  Internal diameter 85mm, Internal height 185mm. Overall diameter 116mm and overall height 228mm
  • SS222, Internal diameter 106mm, Internal height 205mm. Overall diameter 142mm and overall height 268mm
  • SS333,  Internal diameter 150mm, Internal height 280mm. Overall diameter 182mm and overall height 350mm
  • SS777, Internal diameter 200mm, Internal height 285mm. Overall diameter 245mm and overall height 335mm

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