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General Purpose Fume Hood

These economical powder-coated steel-lined benchtop hoods have a smaller overall height and depth than traditional hoods so they fit in tight areas.

(Tudung bangku berlapis baja berlapis bubuk yang ekonomis ini memiliki tinggi dan kedalaman keseluruhan yang lebih kecil daripada tudung tradisional sehingga cocok di area sempit.)


Basic Laboratory Hoods are designed specifically for laboratories, classrooms and light duty applications where safe ventilation is required. Constructed of powder-coated steel, Basic Hoods are economical and have a smaller overall height and depth than traditional hoods so they fit in areas with low ceilings or narrow aisles. Choose from 4 and 6-foot widths.

  • Pre-wired 100-watt vapor-proof incandescent light
  • Pre-wired light and blower switches


  • Explosion-proof incandescent light fixture (requires installation; bulb not included)
  • Furnished without switches and wiring as these must conform to local codesOptions
  • 4′ and 6′ widths
  • Versatile built-in blower that mounts on top of the hood liner, above the hood or at a remote location
  • Explosion-proof light and blower
  • International electrical configurations
  • Unassembled hoods



  • By-pass airflow design
  • Durable glacier white powder-coated 16 gauge steel exterior and interior resists chemical exposure
  • Vertical-rising tempered safety glass sash
  • Adjustable two-piece baffle
  • Curved air foil that lifts off for cleaning
  • Removable front panel for access to electrical wiring
  • Right side fixture panel factory-prepared to accept up to three service fixtures, one electrical duplex and one airflow monitor (kits sold separately)
  • Right interior wall factory-prepared for one cupsink and turret (cupsink and turret kit sold separately)
  • Powder-coated steel 10.3” OD exhaust connection
  • ETL listed (115V models)
  • CE conformity (220V models)


  • Belt-driven blower with adjustable sheave
  • Powder-coated steel base and housing
  • Corrosion-resistant coated steel impeller


Remote Blower (except Built-In Blower Models)

  • Ductwork
  • Base cabinet(s) or stand
  • Solid Epoxy Flat Work Surface
  • Service Fixture Kits
  • Electrical Receptacle Kits
  • Cupsink and Turret Kit
  • Guardian Airflow Monitor Kit
  • Sash Stop Kit
  • Right Side Finish Panel Kit


MVE CryoShipper Series

MVE CryoShippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures. Features Include:
  • Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Convenient lightweight package
  • Secure shipping for biological samples
  • Many are Safe for international shipping; IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Exempt (Special Provision A152)

Low Temperature Coolers

Two simple ways to chill. Enhance and simplify your low-temperature laboratory work with a PolyScience Low Temperature Cooler. Available in both immersion probe and flow-through styles, they provide rapid, low-cost cooling of liquids to temperatures as low as -100°C. Typical applications include the cooling of exothermic reactions, freeze point determinations, freeze drying, impact testing, lyphilization, and vapor and solvent trapping. Immersion Probe Style Coolers – Excellent for trapping and Dewar-type applications, these coolers reduce the expense of using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. A flexible hose allows convenient placement of the cooling probe. Flow-Through Style Coolers – Extend the temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to below ambient and boost the cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators. These coolers also offer an extremely economic alternative to tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when rapid cool-downs or operation at or near ambient is needed.

8010G & 8010S

One Liter 2-Speed Blender With Timer

Winpact Shaking Incubator

Major Science is introducing our newly innovated Winpact series shaking incubator. It provides you the stability and durability for all your fermentation and incubation needs. The system incorporate multi-safety features to put you at your ease of mind.

Class I Safety Enclosures

These enclosures use exhaust HEPA filters to protect the user and the environment from agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment but no product protection.

X-8200 Xenon Spectrophotometer

International advanced xenon light (Hamamatsu) source makes the instrument more stable and reliable. Three years warranty. Adopt the newest microcomputer technology and electronic control system. Optimized optical system and structure can both extend new functions and ensure the accuracy, stability and durability.

-25C Biomedical Freezer

The -25℃ deep freezer offers a stable low temperature storage condition. Integrated design of cold shelf and evaporator provides additional refrigeration efficiency. This product is designed to store vaccine, reagent and many other biological materials, widely applied in research institutions and clinical sites in life science, electronic testing and medical fields.

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