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Cage-Level Filter Testing

Cage-level filter testing is a valuable tool to include in your health-monitoring program.


MTB Animal Scale

The MTB animal scale offers a versatile solution for weighing small animals. The cleverly designed cradle provides comfortable support for animals and is removable for easy cleaning. A non-slip weighing pan beneath the cradle provides a flat surface for further weighing options, such as weighing animals in cages or other containers. The easy-to-read LCD shows weight in pounds and kilograms. A memory feature recalls the last weight taken, at the touch of a button. Capacity 20kg Readability 5g

Cage-Level Filter Testing

Cage-level filter testing is a valuable tool to include in your health-monitoring program.

Bench Top Zebra Fish Housing System

Suitable to be used in a cramped space. The optimal choice for quarantine, segregation and small quantity of breeding. Equipped with well-prepared and stand-alone circulation & filtration system. Can be placed on desktop or bench top. Optional side-mounted filtration system. An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank. Custom-made system is available..

RS-IBP4: 4 Channel Invasive BP system

4 Channel Invasive Blood Pressure System, is designed for measuring Invasive Blood pressure in small and large animals, such as: mice, rats, squirrels, prairie dogs, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, hares, pigs, sheep, dogs, cows, etc


Allow animals to compartmentalize their space for routine behaviors. Blockparty increases cage area up to tenfold for mice. Boost floor space without buying more racks.

Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS

The device, an electronically controlled, time-cycled and pressure-limited ventilator for animal laboratories, pet hospital, clinics etc, is specially designed to help the respiration of animals within 200 kg including rabbits, dogs, monkeys, pigs, sheep etc. Also, it can be connected to other anesthesia machines like R610IP and R620IP for the delivery of anesthesia gas to the animals. Multiple parameters including volume control, airway pressure trigger, adjustable respiratory rate and I: E ratio, alarm detection and so on could be available to preset in this unit.

Mouse and Rat Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Systems from 1-24 Animals

The IITC Life Science tail cuff plethysmography blood pressure systems can be configured from 1-24 animals. The only validated method/data of tail cuff blood pressure measurement when compared to both telemetry and direct blood pressure.

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