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Mouse Ventilator R405

Mouse Ventilator RWD405(v) is newly designed by RWD Life Science for mouse and neonate rat. Our Ventilator precisely controls respiratory rate, inspiratory time and flow rate, and generate proper airflow with oxygen into the lungs, also carry carbon dioxide, a waste gas, out of the lungs, without the use of external high pressure air tank. RWD405(v) ventilator is easy to use and high stability with low noise and precise control. It can also work with our small animal anesthesia machine.

VentStar small animal ventilator

Animal ventilator is the commonest instrument for assisting animal respiration, which is widely used in scientific researches of preclinical medicine, clinical medicine and veterinary medicine (such as myocardial ischemia model), as well as respiratory management in animal surgery, emergency treatment and respiratory therapy.

Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS

The device, an electronically controlled, time-cycled and pressure-limited ventilator for animal laboratories, pet hospital, clinics etc, is specially designed to help the respiration of animals within 200 kg including rabbits, dogs, monkeys, pigs, sheep etc. Also, it can be connected to other anesthesia machines like R610IP and R620IP for the delivery of anesthesia gas to the animals. Multiple parameters including volume control, airway pressure trigger, adjustable respiratory rate and I: E ratio, alarm detection and so on could be available to preset in this unit.

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