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Benchtop Shaker

Reciprocating shaking and mixing with bench-top convenience is now available. User-friendly shaker that is capable of many hours of continuous shaking and mixing.
  • features a variable-speed motor that provides gentle, low-speed shaking to vigorous, high-speed shaking.
  • features a built-in shaking head with easy-to-adjust knobs for quick loading. Six positions available.
  • will accept a variety of glassware holders for mixing and shaking.
  • may be placed inside a fume hood for added safety

Hybridisation Incubator

The Hybridisation Incubator 7601 is considered as the ideal unit for exact hybridisations of DNA and RNA probes with nucleic acid on filter paper and for incubations of protein blots with antibodies.

Nutating Shaker

The Nutating Shaker gives you the same convenient, consistent 3D shaking on your bench top as you get with our 3D Floor Shaker.

Shaking Incubator

Introducing our newly innovated Winpact series shaking incubator. It provides you the stability and durability for all your fermentation and incubation needs. The system incorporate multi-safety features to put you at your ease of mind.

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