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CO2 Shaking Incubator

CO2 Shaking Incubator with 2 built in Shaker by N-Biotek (Korean)

D180-P CO2 Incubator

D180-P air jacket CO2 incubator is used to grow and maintain cell cultures and tissue culture, which is essential for many experiments of cultured eukaryotic cells. It is ideal for ordinary cell lines, stem cells, embryos, and primary cells. The combination of six-side air jacket heating technology with accurate temperature, carbon dioxide concentration control system makes it more reliable. The automatic data record of 7 days and curved display, touchscreen controller enables lab personnel’s cell culture experiments effectively. Also, the 140℃ high-temperature sterilization can eliminate all sources of microbial contamination (including heat-resistant bacillus).

Digital Incubator

For your classroom, a 21st-century incubator that operates much like your oven at home. Select the desired temperature, the unit immediately begins to heat up, then attains and maintains the selected temperature. The easy-to-see LED control panel monitors and displays the current temperature inside the chamber, which includes an internal universal outlet for powering electrical devices. The 20-L/0.7-cu-ft capacity unit can hold up to one 2-L flask or two 500-mL flasks. Comes with 2 adjustable shelves and has a gray plastic body and see-through door for viewing the entire workspace without opening the door. Two-year warranty. 220-V Australian plug.

General Incubator

General Incubator by N-Biotek (Korean)

Major Science Oven Incubator

Major Science’s Oven incubator features a broad thermostatic control range and precise temperature uniformity to fulfill a variety of cell culturing and hematology applications. The compact size and stackable design save valuable lab space and maximize productivity. The built-in color touch screen provides hassle-free system operation and instance glance over experiments. With implemented safety features, the powerful MS Oven incubators assure a safe environment to the user as well as samples.

Portable Mini CO2 Incubator

Portable Mini CO2 Incubator by N-Biotek (Korean)

Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

Refrigerated Shaking Incubator by N-Biotek (Korean)

Shaking Incubator

The Carolina® Shaking Incubator, available as 115 V or 230 V, can meet the demands of your most strenuous experiments. Designed for heavy workloads and continuous use, it features a powerful brushless induction drive meant to give you years of trouble-free operation. The unit also features exceptional temperature uniformity, precisely maintained within 0.25%. Offering a large work area, 17-4/5 x 17-4/5″, the system gives unmatched performance in a high-capacity format, up to 5 x 2 L. The unit includes a standard nonslip platform, making it an ideal option for tissue culture flasks, staining trays, and petri dishes right out of the box. Able to hold a wide range of temperatures—from ambient to 60° C—and a shaking speed of 30 to 300 rpm, the unit is packed full of features and built to last.

Winpact Shaking Incubator

Major Science is introducing our newly innovated Winpact series shaking incubator. It provides you the stability and durability for all your fermentation and incubation needs. The system incorporate multi-safety features to put you at your ease of mind.

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