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Allow animals to compartmentalize their space for routine behaviors. Blockparty increases cage area up to tenfold for mice. Boost floor space without buying more racks.

Cage-Level Filter Testing

Cage-level filter testing is a valuable tool to include in your health-monitoring program.


Ergomice combines all the benefits of Optimice with an ergonomic design.


M.I.C.E. is the original one-pass laminar airflow caging system. Rack sizes range from 14 cages to 140.

Material Handling

Optimize your workflow with Animal Care Systems material handling accessories engineered for Opti racks and cages.


The original carousel caging system offers the highest cage density in the industry. No more wasted space inside animal vivariums!

Optirat® GenII

Designed for flexibility, Optirat GenII houses rats as well as other rodent species, including large groups of mice. The cages are backward compatible with original Optirat racks.

Optirat® Plus

Expand your animals’ floor area to reduce single-animal environments, and give your animals the space to assume normal postures and naturally express themselves.

Transport Boxes

Fold to assemble, and transport your vivarium rodents securely with these filtered transport boxes.

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