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CHART MVE -190°C Vapour Phase Freezers

Designed for user who need low temperature vapour storage, easy maintenance and low liquid nitrogen consumption.

CHART MVE Cryosystem Series Aluminum Cryogenic Dewars

The MVE CryoSystem 2000, 4000 and 6000 combine the benefits of low nitrogen consumption with mid-range vial capacity to meet the versatile needs of today’s professionals worldwide. The lightweight and low space demands of these containers make them the most economical units in their class. Storage capacity of 2000, 4000 and 6000 nod of internal threaded 1.8/2.0ml cryotubes respectively, stored in square boxes in square racks.

CHART MVE HEco Cryogenic Freezers

NEW freezer launched in January 2014 The updated design provides a more aesthetically-pleasing cryogenic freezer while offering greater functionality–the perfect combination of visual and technical improvements.

CHART MVE Vario -80°C to -150°C Freezers

The MVE Vario Series is the innovative and energy efficient alternative for ultra low temperature to cryogenic storage. The completely dry sample storage area will maintain a user defined temperature anywhere between -50°C and -150°C. The MVE Vario Series eliminates the possibility of sample contamination via contact with LN2 while providing the safety margin and consistent temperature profile, even with the lid open, that is associated with LN2 based cryogenic storage. The MVE Vario Series is able to provide all of this and more with less than 1% of the power consumption and approximately 1/10 the overall operating costs when compared to the leading mechanical freezers.

Cryogenic Dewars for Storing Samples

  • Aluminium cryogenic storage tank with canisters for storage for samples.
  • SC series is designed for small capacity needs, long term storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption.
  • XC series is designed for large storage capacities needs and low liquid nitrogen consumption.
  • Many other models, with square canisters and plastic boxes for 2ml cryotubes are also available.

QWick Vapour Shippers Cryoshipper Mini

MVE CryoShipper QWick Series utilizes an absorbent wicking material that charges with liquid nitrogen in fewer than two hours, providing the capacity for same-day vapor shipping. Manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, they employ a hydrophobic compound which absorbs the liquid nitrogen to ensure dry, spill-free shipping.

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